Father's Day in Dogtown

For Father's Day this year my family went for a hike in Dogtown Park in Gloucester. The park is 3600 acres of woodsy trails and abandoned roads that used to be the Commons Settlement, a prosperous part of Gloucester in 1642. There are no signs of old houses, inhabitants, or daily life, but there are over 20 Babson Boulders scattered throughout the park with carved inscriptions. Millionaire philanthropist Roger W. Babson hired immigrant stone cutters to inscribe the boulders in Dogtown with words of inspiration during the Great Depression. We felt like we were on a scavenger hunt looking for these marked boulders. The words on the rocks are timeless values and advice- very fitting for Father's Day. Babson said, "I am really trying to write a simple book with words carved in stone instead of printed paper." Carved rocks give the words and phrases such a sense of permanency and stability. The natural setting makes the typography even more poetic. We really enjoyed our day at Dogtown, and got some awesome photos!