Favorite Finds

Saturday mornings in the Summer I often find myself at yard sales. Some days it is planned- I'll wake up at 7:30 and be out of the house an hour later. I'll look on craigslist to see what is around. Some days I just follow the signs. I'll drive aimlessly and see if any thing catches my eye.

I am not looking for something increadibly rare or unusual. I look for a good deal, books, jars, vases, craft supplies, things that will look good in my room, records, 8 tracks that work, board games, something I will love. I have had some amazing finds over the years- including 2 vintage white and pink bowling pins, a red 8-track player shaped like a purse, an entire pack of color-aid paper, and numerous picture books.

One of my favorite finds this summer was a book about bird dogs. The drawing on the cover looks a lot like my dog Oliver, and to my surprise I found his name written on the inside! My other favorite find was a fortune telling box full of little colorful scrolls. I love the scale and graphic design of it.