Take me back to the Blanton Museum

Today I am remembering the Blanton Museum of Art, at the University of Texas in Austin. As you have probably heard, everything is bigger in Texas, and the Blanton Museum is a fine example of that. It is one of the largest university art museums in the United States and it has the largest and most comprehensive collection of art in central Texas. It is as impressive as it sounds. 

While I was visiting I saw a temporary exhibit: Through the Eyes of Texas: Masterworks from Alumni Collections. The exhibit featured over 200 diverse artworks- ancient, modern, and contemporary all intermingled. The mix of time periods, techniques, and subjects could have been awkward, but the show was expertly curated, and each piece felt as though it belonged. These were privately owned pieces, so it was a treat to see them in a museum setting. 

The permanent collection was striking and inspiring. The lighting and the layout of the museum was incredibly thoughtful. Because the museum is so large the artworks have room to breath. The ceilings were tall and the walls were wide. The paintings felt appreciated and special simply because of the careful placement and lighting. The sculptures did not shrink in the large space but were easily accessible from all angles. It is rare for me to love the building and the museum itself, just as much, if not more, than the art.

One thing that made this museum experience even better is that it was free. The museum is free for all on Thursdays. Another plus is that photography is allowed- so check out these great pics! My visit to the Blanton Museum was one of the highlights of my trip to Austin!