Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture show

On Saturday afternoon I attended a sculpture show opening at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport. The show consists of 30 artists who have created site-specific sculptures. The outdoor sculptures will be on display throughout the park for 3 weeks. The theme of the show this year is "Inside-out". 

At the opening on Saturday, every artist had the opportunity to talk about their work and answer questions. We learned about their inspiration - totem poles, a blueberry bush, breast feeding. Materials were revealed- fishing line, pieces of a wooden boat, metal bowls. The crowd smiled as they got to hit a sculpture with mallets. Children laughed at a helmet made of gourds that came with a fart button. Women bowed their heads to receive blessed scarves. The day was interactive and engaging, and I would expect nothing less.

I am no stranger to this show. I have participated as an artist many different years, starting way back in Elementary school. Last year, I helped pick the theme "play", and created a sculpture out of free and found objects. The sculpture was called "Free Time."


This year I did not make a sculpture, but was very proud of my fathers piece. My dad created a surreal and playful sculpture called "Who's There?", made of wooden doors and frames. The doors are placed around trees with careful and clean execution. My dad's sculpture is so clever in its simplicity- thought provoking but not too serious. I feel like my dad has really developed an artistic style over the last few years, and this sculpture is a great example of what that style is.