Gift for Joe

My boyfriend Joe has been encouraging me for quite a while to create video game inspired art. I did not grow up playing video games and even now my experience and knowledge is embarrasingly limited. I also admit, I do not care for most video game inspired art. I was resistant, but I also liked the challenge. So, using paint chips, a thin black sharpie, and a lot of research from the internet, I came up with a Mario inspired gift for Joe. He was absolutley thrilled, so I guess I did a good job!


Advent Calendars

There are 19 more days until Christmas. Are you keeping track? I've put up my first decoration- a red tinsel wreath on my bedroom door. I've heard my favorite Christmas song play on the radio- Feliz Navidad. I've added peppermint schnapps to my hot tea. I've been making gifts and planning parties. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and I like it that way.

Yes, I have started early. I made Advent calendars for my aunts, uncles, and cousins that live in Missouri. This is my second year of making these advent calendars as gifts. I'm thinking of making it a tradition. I don't get to see my dad's side of the family for Christmas, so it is nice that we can feel more connected to each other. I also love the idea of receiving a present early- I feel like you can pause to enjoy it more, without the overwhelmingness that comes on Christmas day. I made my advent calendars out of red envelopes, sticker labels. and ribbon. Inside each envelope is a little holiday themed note- a saying, a question, a joke, a fact, etc. I designed each note and I hand-wrote the envelope numbers. 

It looks great hanging on my Aunt Lori's mantle!

Chalk + Book

Recently, I gave myself a little project of painting a board book with chalkboard paint. Yes, two of my favorite things combined- chalk and books. I found 12 board books for free at a book recycling event in Salem (I was also able to donate 2 huge boxes of my own books.) The empty book gives countless opportunities for imaginative stories and drawings. I think kids would have a lot of fun playing with this, and probably most of my friends would too. I love the idea of giving this book as a homemade gift, wrapped up with a pack of chalk. Would you like to own your very own chalk board book?