A fun design project that I got to work on recently was the CAPI Afterschool Program brochure. This was CAPI's first brochure and it needed to reflect the programs purpose and values. The brochure needed to include all the necessary information about CAPI for prospective families to learn about the program. Because CAPI has such a fun, creative, playful, and energetic attitude, I thought it was important to do something a little different and out-of-the-box with the brochure design. I set up a photoshoot for the inside spread. I carefully placed a wide assortment of things you would find in the classroom at CAPI- blocks, toys, paper, pencils, playing cards, snacks, art supplies, and game pieces. After perfecting the photo, I uploaded the image to InDesign and added the text. On the back of the brochure I placed a list of items to find inside the photo. This made the brochure interactive for the kids, (who are, of course, the most important part of CAPI.)