Paper clay creatures

I just finished up a 6 week paper mache class with Christine (my supervisor from CAPI). We learned about a few different paper mache methods to give us inspiration and ideas for projects we could do with the kids at afterschool. A new method I learned about is paper clay. Paper clay is a soft white mixture made out of toilet paper! The mixture can be put on to forms to create a porcelain-like look. I created 3 characters using paper clay. I created the figures so that they could sit on my shelf and decorate my room.  I started with forms created out of cardboard, tin foil, and tape. I used the paper clay to cover the forms and then I painted the figures. My first creature I created was a dog, inspired by my dog Oliver. Unlike Oliver, this dog has a long tail, shorter legs, and a lime green body. My other 2 creatures were inspired by Oliver's stuffed toys- a bunny and a monkey. I like to imagine that maybe this is how Oliver would see himself and his toys in his doggy dreams. It is a little silly.