Ring, ring! Who's there?

Camp is a place that is free of cell phones, lap tops, and internet. We talk and make friends. We interact face to face. We play and pretend. Our communication is reminiscent of a time before the internet. It is rare to have a place like that these days, and it is refreshing. 

The theme of second session was called: Knock, knock, Who's There? aka How We Communicated Before the Internet. Campers played charades, learned old fashioned games, wrote letters, made friendship bracelets, followed the leader, and designed secret codes.

In the art workshop we made play-phones, and other non-functioning communication devices. The project encouraged imagination and creativity. We used recyclable materials: egg cartons, shoe boxes, tin foil, lids, caps, bottles, tubes, and ribbons. We introduced the campers to rotary phones, pagers, and the original over-sized cell phone. Each camper created their own device and then we had fun calling each other on our pretend phones and typing on our faux lap tops. The kids loved this project!