Kindergarten self portraits

Every day at CAPI's journal time, the kindergartners take out their boxes of crayons and draw whatever they want. Sometimes they draw ninjas, Darth Vader, or Power Rangers. Sometimes they draw princesses, Angry Birds, or their mommy. Their worlds are filled with their favorite things and they see themselves in the middle of it all. The most popular subject to draw is pictures of themselves. How do they see themselves? They see a kid who is not a baby anymore. They see themselves as a brother or sister, a daughter or son, a smiley happy heart shaped ball of love, a mis-shaped blob, a wide-eyed face without a body, a pretty face with a pretty dress and curly hair. They can be any color and every color. They are confident to say "This is me!". I nod and encourage them, "that looks just like you!".