Dot Day

September 15th was International Dot Day. This is not a day that I made up. I had never even heard of it until my friend/roommate/fellow after school teacher told me it was a big deal at her school in Watertown. Dot Day gets it's name from Peter H. Reynolds’ The Dot. The book is very popular among the kids- it is artistic, and promotes the importance of creativity and being true to yourself. All around the world, classrooms and kids celebrated dot day with creative projects. 

I was excited to celebrate with the kids at afterschool. Coincidentally, I had already planned and prepared a dotty art project for Monday! We used the eraser heads of pencils to paint dots on to paper bookmarks. It is a very simple idea, but the process is fun, and the outcomes are all unique. We used multi colored washable paint and brightly colored card stock. Little kids and older kids all enjoyed the project.

Along with the dotty art project I brought in one of my favorite books. Perhaps the original Dot book is The Dot by Cliff Roberts. The book is a story about peace and community, a lesson in drawing, and a study of graphic design, all in kid-friendly terms, with bold illustrations. I was thrilled to find the whole book online.