Two ideas

1. Endless art

Endless art was a free Friday activity that I taught on the third week of camp. All the little artists were really looking forward to this one, as was I. Each child got a fat stubby roll of white paper, and well, anything was possible from there. Using the seemingly endless roll the kids could draw whatever they wanted- a treasure map, outer space, smiley faces, snakes, song lyrics, scribbles. I suggested that they could hang the paper in their room like streamers! Or wrap themselves up in it and be living art! Or, keep it as a sketchbook and try to fill up the whole roll this summer! 


2. Message Stones

Market day is one of my favorite traditions at camp. It is a day when everyone trades their artwork. Each year the campers make something different- clay beads, pet rocks, finger puppets, beaded insects, etc, then try to trade and barter with each other to collect the most beautiful, humorous, or sparkly works of art. It is kind of like a camp version of silly bands, or magic cards, or pogs. This year, for our theme of Boom, Bang, Blast, I taught the kids how to make message stones. A message stone is a small painted ball of clay with a hidden message inside. To find the message you must break open the dry clay ball. It’s kind of like a more aggressive and inedible fortune cookie. The message is put into the clay while the clay is wet, then when the ball has air dried it can be painted, and eventually traded and broken!