Piñata: step four

After the Halloween Piñatas were painted and decorated there was one final step.

We cut a hole in the back of the piñatas to fill them with candy, then we duct taped the opening closed. We got a little help from a handy father to hang our finished piñatas. Each one was so strong and heavy- probably about 15 pounds! We hung the Piñatas one at a time over a basketball net in the school gym. 

All of our hard work was finally ready to be destroyed. At the CAPI Halloween party, kids took turns hitting the piñatas with a pole, hoping to let loose a flood of candy. Princesses, ninjas, witches, and skeletons, held their empty bags and waited for candy to fall. No one was upset about ruining our piñatas, because it is well known that this is the purpose of a piñata, and because everyone loves candy.