Piñata: step three

This step was a lot of fun! We painted and decorated our piñatas to look like eyeballs! 

We began by painting pupils, corneas, and veins. We looked closely at each others eyes to observe how the colors and shapes looked. We did not have to use real colors; we could make a red eye, or green veins. The next step was to add details made out of fabric, feathers, foam, and other glue-able items. It took two different days to create this evolution. You can see the two steps with this monster eyeball.

We wanted each eyeball to have its own personality. We decided to create 4 different types of creepy eyeballs. The monster eye (above), would have bugs crawling on it, extra googly eyes, and translucent green ooze spilling over it. The zombie eye would have a hypnotized swirl, spider webs, blood splatters, and scars made of red ribbon.  The pink eye would wear rose-tinted glasses and have a pink bow.  The cat's eye would have sparkly makeup, tear drops, and long feathered eyelashes. Each eyeball needed a few details to make it special. Take a look at our finished Piñatas!

There is still one final step, perhaps the best step of all! Look out for step 4!