Piñata: step one

CAPI may be the only afterschool that has already began preparing for Halloween. It is Christine's (my supervisor) favorite holiday. All of our art projects are now in preparation for a highly anticipated Halloween party, complete with haunted house, costumes, piñatas, and candy!

An old tradition at CAPI is the Halloween Piñata. A homemade piñata takes many steps. We started by covering giant balloons with newspaper strips and a paper mache paste of equal parts flour and water. We worked as a group to cover the balloons, trying not to drip on the ground, trying to ask politely for more newspaper, trying to cover every little part that was peaking through. This is the longest step, as the balloons will need around 3 solid layers to support the candy and withhold the stick whacks. We are planning to make 4-5 Pinatas for the different age groups. 

This is the messiest step.

What should we turn our piñatas in to?

Look out for Step Two.