My experience in a professional and corporate environment, my non-profit and freelance skills, and my reputable education makes me a multi-talented and well-rounded graphic designer. I have a detailed eye for color and typography, a solid understanding of layout and branding, an extensive knowledge of all the design tools and Adobe programs, and plenty of creative and modern ideas to bring everything together- whether is be a logo, poster, digital invitation, diagram, agenda, book, web banner, or billboard. Along with all of this comes my passion for art and design that has been imminent since I could hold a crayon. (And I still love crayons!)

I have my BFA in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design. I am currently a Graphic Designer at Pegasystems in Cambridge, MA. My freelance clients have included Upon a Star, Theater Workshop, Cambridgeport Afterschool Program, Workshop in the Woods, Boston Bottle, Leary's Fine Wines, DJ Peaches, and the Boston Burger Company. 

I am inspired by the creativity and imagination of children. I have over 10 years of experience teaching art and design to children in school, at summer camp, after school, and in my studio. I have developed, marketed, and taught my own design-based children's workshops, hoping to pass on an appreciation and understanding of design and typography. 

My other interests include expanding my (award winning) book collection, decorating my apartment, planning parties, visiting yard sales, exploring unknown cities, hangin' with my dog, going to museums, trying new foods, people watching, creative writing, and watching reality TV.

I am open to new opportunities and curious to see where my interests might take me. Someday I'd love to be an art director or start my own company.